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Woman gets new lease of life with liver from son, husband

Dr Naimish Mehta, Liver Transplant Surgeon

Ramesh Rani, a 57-year-old woman suffering from liver cancer, recently underwent an organ transplant at a Delhi hospital after her husband and her son donated part of their liver. Doctors said dual donation is rare and even rarer is the use of two left lobes — as was the case here — to form a single graft to be used for transplantation.

Dr Naimish Mehta, chief liver transplant surgeon at Gangaram Hospital, explained it was required in this case because the right lobes of both the donors, Ramesh Rani’s husband Mangat Ram and son Manjeet Singh, were larger than usual and if they were removed, the remaining left lobe may have failed to perform liver function.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/woman-gets-new-lease-of-life-with-liver-from-son-husband/articleshow/56843269.cms