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Type of Liver Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis

Type of Liver Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis

Hepatitis is termed as an inflammatory condition of the liver. It is generally caused by a viral infection and excessive alcohol intake, but there are some other possible causes of hepatitis also. It destroys the liver cells in the body.

Type of Liver Hepatitis


Causes of hepatitis

A person can fall prey to the disease liver hepatitis if he becomes a victim of one of the viruses that can cause inflammation of the liver. It can also be caused when a person is exposed to certain substances that can cause this disease. The two main reasons for liver hepatitis are:

  • Occurrence due to infection
  • Due to autoimmune processes

Types of Hepatitis

1. Hepatitis A (HAV)
Hepatitis A causes puffiness and inflammation in the liver. The cause of inflammation can be drinking water or eating food that is septic by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). It can also be transmitted through sexual contact. The virus can be discovered with the help of blood test. This type of hepatitis generally begin slowly and is easily recoverable. Hepatitis A can be discovered by blood test.

2. Hepatitis B (HBV)
Hepatitis B virus is usually contracted through blood interaction such as blood, semen, body fluids, and much more. It can also be transmitted via sexual intercourse and from mother to infant at the time of birth. Hepatitis B causes swelling in the liver, leading to damage of liver, resulting in cancer in many cases.

3. Hepatitis C (HCV)
Hepatitis C, like hepatitis B is contracted through blood and body-fluid contact. This also causes inflammation of the liver resulting in liver damage that can further lead to cancer. It can also leads to long-lasting liver swelling and inflammation which slowly damages the liver over an extended time period before leading to cirrhosis of the liver.

4. Hepatitis D (HDV)
Hepatitis D is caused by the attack of virus called HDV. One can be attacked by hepatitis D only if he is previously infected with hepatitis B. Hepatitis D also causes swelling of liver and is transmitted via infected blood, needles and sexual intercourse with a person already infected with the virus.

5. Hepatitis E (HEV)
like hepatitis A, hepatitis E is also triggered by drinking water or eating food which infected by the hepatitis A virus. It can also be transmitted through sexual contact but it only caused temporary swelling of the liver and is easily recoverable.

Hepatitis is divided into two subgroups:

1. Acute hepatitis
Acute hepatitis caused results in inflammation of liver that damages the normal functioning of liver but lasts for less than six months. Those who have weak immune system are more vulnerable to be infected by acute hepatitis.

2. Chronic hepatitis:
Chronic hepatitis means lively, continuing inflammation of the liver lasting for more than six months. It is not as common as acute hepatitis, but can last for a very long time – many years.