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Eligibility of the candidate for Liver Transplantation Surgery

Liver is very important organ of the body, which has the function of filtering the energy and waste from the food taken into the human body. When this liver is deceased, the entire body will be in trouble as the waste cannot be filtered from the food taken.

Identification of the need of liver transplantation surgery

The signs and symptoms are very subjective in nature and find critical to determine the need of the transplantation of the liver for the …… Continue Reading

How to Take Preventive Measures for your Liver?

The liver serves as the power source for your body. It performs a variety of essential tasks like producing protein, cholesterol, and bile to store vitamins, minerals and even carbohydrate. It helps in breaking down of toxins like alcohol, medications and natural byproducts of metabolism. This is the reason that you must keep your liver in good shape which is important for maintaining health.

  • Eat a Healthy Diet: stress on having a diet low in a saturated and no …… Continue Reading

    Tests to Check your Liver Function

    To measure the level of protein, liver enzymes or bilirubin in the blood liver test is done. A liver function is often given in the following situations:

    • To screen for liver infection such as hepatitis C
    • To monitor side effects of certain medication which affect liver
    • If the patient has liver disease, to observe the disease and how well a treatment is working
    • To measure the degree of cirrhosis on liver
    • If you are experiencing the symptoms of liver disorder
    • If you are planning …… Continue Reading

      Liver transplant recipient have successful pregnancy and delivery

      Liver transplant recipient from Uzbekistan have successful pregnancy and delivery. Patient was treated by Dr. Naimish Mehta

      Know More About Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

      The nonalcoholic fatty liver disease also called NAFLD is a disease when the range of liver conditions affecting people who drink little to no alcohol. As the name explains the main characteristic of NAFLD is too much fat in the liver cells. The damage is similar to one caused due to one caused by heavy alcohol use. It is very severe, and it may progress to cirrhosis and liver failure.


      The nonalcoholic fatty liver disease normally causes no …… Continue Reading

      Post Liver Transplant Patient has Completed Vadodara International Marathon

      Patient operated by Dr. Naimish Mehta has taken part in Vadodara International Marathon for 5 km after Liver Transplant Surgery and Completed Successfully.

      Some facts about Liver Transplant

      Liver transplant is the procedure that can save your life when your liver is no longer working. It is also called hepatic transplantation; the treatment involves surgical removal of the entire liver, which is then replaced with the healthy donor liver. It can come from both a living and deceased donor. It is essential part as the liver is responsible for essential body function like filtering blood and removing the toxins from the body.

      Why is liver transplanted?

      A doctor …… Continue Reading

      Food to Avoid for Health Liver

      The liver serves a very important role in many body functions.  Functions, like regulating digestion, running your metabolism and getting harmful particles or chemicals out of the body all require the help of liver. When the liver is damaged, it is unable to effectively work and convert the food nutrients the same way as any healthy liver can. This result in further damaging of the organ liver and the damage continues if the proper care is not taken …… Continue Reading

      Hepatoblastoma Cause and Treatment

      What is hepatoblastoma?

      Hepatoblastoma is a very rare form of cancer that starts in the liver region.  The disease primarily affects children from infancy to age about 3 years. Hepatoblastoma cancer cells can also spread to other areas of the body, but it’s rare. The most common site of metastasis is the lungs. Mostly the tumor being development in the right lobe of the liver.

      However the exact cause of the liver cancer is not known, there are number of …… Continue Reading

      Cure For Liver Damage?

      Liver is the second largest organ in the human body. It performs several vital body functions of the body. The liver processes everything you eat and drink. It converts food and drinks into the energy and nutrient for body to use. It filters out all the harmful substances from the blood and helps the body fight for infection.

      Main causes of Hepatic failure

      Acute hepatic failure also known as fulminant hepatic failure can occur even if you do not have …… Continue Reading

      Intestinal Transplant for Intestinal Failure

      Intestinal transplantation has evolved in the past few years from an experimental procedure to what is currently considered the long-term option for patients with intestinal failure. The number of intestinal transplant has increased sharply in few years. Unfortunately mismatch between supply and demand has led to increased waiting time for potential recipients.

      Short gut syndrome and functional bowel problems are the main sources of intestinal failure leading to the intestinal transplantation. The problem is characterized by the inability …… Continue Reading

      Types of Liver Failure

      Liver failure is a severe deterioration in liver function. Liver failure can result from any type of liver disorder, including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver damage from alcohol or drugs such as acetaminophen. Liver failure occurs only when a large portion of the liver is damaged. It may develop rapidly over days or weeks (which is called acute) or can happen gradually over months or years (which is called chronic).

      • It is caused by the disorder or substance that …… Continue Reading

        Patient Recovered from Liver Transplant

        Young Patient Who Recovered from Liver Transplantation, presented the beautiful Portrait of me.

        Tests before getting a Liver Transplant

        There are some treatments available for curing liver diseases. Liver specialists put their greatest efforts in curing the liver diseases with medication only. In case this medication is not found suitable, then the liver specialist’s advice for a liver transplant.

        There are many tests which the patient needs to go through. The test results decide that whether the patient needs a liver transplant or not. These three tests are-

        • Creatinine
        • Bilirubin
        • INR (International Normalized ratio)

        Every patient giving these tests is given …… Continue Reading

        How are Candidates for Liver Transplant Determined

        The healthy living of humans depends on the healthy state of all the important organs. The organ systems of our bodies have to be in good- working conditions. In case any of the organs are not working well, it should be transplanted. For example, we can transplant our livers, hearts, and knees. Liver transplants are very common out of them. Don’t know what is a liver transplant? Read the following text for it:

        Liver Transplant

        Sometimes a liver can get …… Continue Reading

        What are the Symptoms of Cirrhosis?

        Cirrhosis is a dwindling insurgent disease that results in solidification and scarring of liver follicle. The liver is remodeled unfitted to function properly due to the pinch tissue, which saves the normal passage of blood wrapped up the liver. The loss of liver follicle foil with the organ’s ability to process nutrients, coil, and drugs and slows the assembly of protein other grave matter assembled in the liver.

        How Indicia may flourish

        Cirrhosis indicia may flourish bit by bit and …… Continue Reading

        What is Liver Transplant?

        Liver transplant is the replacement of the unhealthy liver of a deceased person with that of the healthy liver from the donor or another person. Liver transplantation is done out of acute liver failure or out of major liver disease that requires liver replacement. The process is very complex and requires surgery from the very experienced and skilled surgeon. The surgery is done with the meticulous harvest of the liver from the donor in the body of the …… Continue Reading

        25 Year old brain dead man gives fresh lease of life to four persons

        A 25-year-old man Rahul (name changed), student of engineering in Delhi, saved four lives in the city by donating his kidneys, liver and heart.

        Liver Disease Prevention

        People nowadays have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle, which in turn has become the cause of several diseases. Improper eating habits of people generally results into liver disease. Not only this, but there are several other causes of liver disease. The disease may be caused due to any virus attack or due to poor health and nutrition. It can also be inherited.

        But the good part is that, by following some simple steps in your daily routine, you can …… Continue Reading

        Three-year-old gets new liver and working heart in one surgery

        A three-year-old child, Divine, from Kenya recently underwent an open heart surgery and a liver transplant simultaneously at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. “Simultaneous surgery was the only option and we took a chance,” Dr Mehta explained.The 15-hour surgery took place on June 20, which had nearly 40 medical personnel in attendance, doctors at SGRH said. “She was too sick for a surgery so we spent three months treating her to improve the nutritional status. But in this case …… Continue Reading

        Type of Liver Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis

        Hepatitis is termed as an inflammatory condition of the liver. It is generally caused by a viral infection and excessive alcohol intake, but there are some other possible causes of hepatitis also. It destroys the liver cells in the body.


        Causes of hepatitis

        A person can fall prey to the disease liver hepatitis if he becomes a victim of one of the viruses that can cause inflammation of the liver. It can also be caused when a person is …… Continue Reading

        Liver transplant done by Dr. Naimish Mehta

        Liver transplant done by Dr. Naimish Mehta. Below is the image of a liver donor who donated his liver to his mother. Photo is after 6 years of liver donation.

        How are candidates for liver transplant determined?

        Liver transplant is done on those patients who are healthy enough to survive the operation and can deal with the complications that may arise post-operation. These patients should also be able to take the medicines that prevent rejection and opportunistic infections so that liver transplant becomes easy. Moreover, the patient should not drink alcohol again in his lifetime as this would have adverse effect on his health.

        Liver transplantation surgery is very effective procedure that has high successful …… Continue Reading

        When is a Liver Transplant Needed?

        Liver in human body is a vital organ that performs a number of important functions in the body like it produces glucose and bile required by the body. It is also responsible for the synthesis of some main proteins & enzymes along with the metabolism of drugs & toxins. When your liver is diseased, it is not able to perform its function properly and this affects your whole body. There is no artificial device or alternative for liver …… Continue Reading

        Woman gets New Lease of Life with Liver from her Husband and Son

        Liver transplant surgery to a 57 years old woman, Ramesh Rani. She was suffering from liver cancer. Her husband and son have donated part of their liver for organ transplant. The surgery was successful and now the patient as well as donors is doing well.


        Overview on Liver Failure – Reason, Symptoms and Treatment

        Liver is a very important organ of human body that perform significant functions like it is responsible for the production of proteins, blood clotting and metabolism of glucose, sugar & iron. Liver can be affected by many illnesses or injury. In case, the function of liver is affected then a lot of damage is caused to the body. When large part of the liver is damaged beyond repair and it is no more able to perform its regular …… Continue Reading

        Dr. Naimish Mehta operated a Patient from Mongolia

        Patient from Mongolia has been operated for liver transplant surgery by Dr. Naimish Mehta. Now he is fine and back to normal life.


        Liver Disease: Symptoms, Signs & Treatment

        Liver disease is caused by the disturbance of liver function in the body. The liver control many serious functions within the body and if it is not functioning properly, it can cause serious damage to our body. Liver disease is also known as hepatic disease.

        If a person is suffering from liver disease, the liver fail to perform all its designated functions. Generally, more than 75% of liver tissue needs to be affected before a reduction in function …… Continue Reading

        Dr. Naimish Mehta with Professor SG Lee

        Dr. Naimish Mehta with Professor SG Lee in Asan Medical Centre in Korea. He was invited there for ILTS Live Demonstration.


        The Benefits and Risks of Liver Donation

        Human body is made up of a large number of complex and complicatedly structured organs and organ systems which work according to some specified patterns and pathways in the body. Each one of them has its own working schedule and ways of performing different functions in the body for example human heart is known to purify the entire blood of the body and then send it to the different parts of the human body and simultaneously impure blood …… Continue Reading

        Dr. Namish Mehta got Invited in Kuwait for Live work shop surgery

        Dr. Namish Mehta got Invited in Kuwait for Live work shop surgery

        Dr. Naimish Mehta Honoured in Tajikistan

        Dr. Naimish Mehta honoured in Tajikistan for operating a patient


        Dr. Naimish Mehta awarded by Mizoram Legislative Assembly Chairman

        Dr. Naimish Mehta awarded by Mizoram Legislative Assembly Chairman for his excellency and dedicated hardworking team members.

        Cirrhosis: Incidence, Symptoms, and Treatment


        Cirrhosis is the weakening of the liver due to scar tissue that has grew in the body replacing the normal healthy tissues of the liver. Cirrhosis can develop in humans due to several reasons and for the majority of people who are suffering from this condition more than one cause has contributed to its development.

        Generally, the people who are consuming alcohol on regular basis have greater chance of suffering from cirrhosis. Hepatitis C is also a common cause …… Continue Reading

        City docs transplant liver into HIV+ man

        liver transplant surgery



        In a rare surgery, doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital recently performed a liver transplant on an HIV positive person. The patient, a 45-year-old man from northeast, has been living with HIV since 2003. He contracted Hepatitis C leading to liver failure.

        The family of the patient said the local hospitals they approached had given up, saying there was no cure for this complex condition. So, they rushed him to Delhi where the transplant was carried out.

        “It took us …… Continue Reading

        Overview Liver Transplantation

        Liver Transplantation

        The outstanding basic reason that prompts to Liver Transplant (LT) is Cirrhosis; this is a notable concern particularly with grown-ups. Cirrhosis is a condition where the Liver is cracked or scarred inside or externally keeping the organ to play out its capacities. In the event uncured, it can even prompt to liver disappointment. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and expanded liquor misuse can prompt to this condition effectively.

        A portion of the other basic Liver Diseases that can prompt …… Continue Reading

        How to keep your Liver Healthy

        How to keep your Liver Healthy


        The liver is an integral part of the digestive system which plays a vital role in the digestion of food mainly in the body of the vertebrates. Besides, helping the body to digest the food, the liver is also the storehouse of various proteins, and minerals required for the body to function smoothly. The liver helps in detoxification and transforms the food into nutrients. So, it would really be a bad idea to harm the liver. But in …… Continue Reading

        Woman gets new lease of life with liver from son, husband

        Dr Naimish Mehta, Liver Transplant Surgeon

        Ramesh Rani, a 57-year-old woman suffering from liver cancer, recently underwent an organ transplant at a Delhi hospital after her husband and her son donated part of their liver. Doctors said dual donation is rare and even rarer is the use of two left lobes — as was the case here — to form a single graft to be used for transplantation.

        Dr Naimish Mehta, chief liver transplant surgeon at Gangaram Hospital, explained it was required in this case …… Continue Reading

        Hepatitis B Infection in Northeast is concern- Dr Naimish


        Prevalence of 50% liver disease due to Hepatitis B infection in North East as compared to the national average of 15-20% is a matter of great concern for the governments and society as such here stated Dr. Naimish Mehta, Senior Liver Transplant Surgeon, Department of Liver Transplantation, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here today.

        Hepatitis B infection has been the most causative factor for emergency liver transplants in North East of any age group including a smallest child of 4.5kgs …… Continue Reading

        Patient from Pakistan got successful Liver Transplant in India


        Dr. Naimish Mehta is the Lead HPB and Liver Transplant Surgeon, in the Deptt of Surgical Gastroenterology & Liver Transplant Unit I, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. India has successfully transplant the liver of 52 year old female Patient from Pakistan. She was suffering from severe liver damage due to Hepatitis C and got operated by Dr Naimish Mehta for Liver Transplantation

        Reference: http://epaper.navbharattimes.com/details/9325-60613-1.html

        Mom’s liver gives second life to 7-month-old

        A seven month old girl, weighing only 4.5 kg, got a new lease of life after doctors at a city hospital successfully conducted a liver transplant on her. Nimisha the child was lightest weighing baby 4.5 kg to successfully undergo liver transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, India

        The girl, Nimisha from Jabalpur, was suffering from biliary atresia, a congenital condition in which the connecting duct between the liver and the …… Continue Reading

        Liver Transplant Surgery of Nine Month Old Girl by Dr Naimish Mehta


        A nine-month-old girl was given a fresh lease of life after a part of her mother’s liver was transplanted in her body at a city hospital. Aradhita Banerjee, who turned one on Thursday, had undergone pediatric liver transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on March 7 as she was diagnosed with progressive liver failure after she suffered brain haemorrhage and was rendered disabled.

        “This was one of the most challenging cases seen by me over …… Continue Reading

        Liver Transplantation Surgery in Delhi and Donor Criteria

        Liver is an essential organ in the body that does all the filtering of the food and isolating the energy and wastage. The liver is prone to fail, when certain liver digestive and other liver related diseases are occurred.

        Liver Diseases

        • Cirrhosis: Cirrhosis may be of different types.
        • The primary cirrhosis causes the bile to be initially inflamed and then destroyed in later stages.
        • Secondary cirrhosis is usually caused when the bile duct obstruction is prolonged.
        • On the other hand, cirrhosis can also …… Continue Reading

          Baby Pragya’s liver transplant brings hope to many


          Baby Pragya’s liver transplant brings hope to many
          Source : Durgesh Nandan Jha, TNN Aug 7, 2011, 05.01am IST
          NEW DELHI: In a medical record of sorts, doctors at a city hospital have successfully conducted a liver transplant to save the life of a 7-month-old infant who weighed only 4.6 kg. The baby girl, Pragya Saha from Kolkata, was suffering from Biliary atresia, a congenital condition in which the connecting duct between the liver and the intestines is either absent …… Continue Reading

          9-month pregnant woman gets new liver

          liver transplant surgery of 9-month pregnant woman

          New Delhi: A 19-year-old woman who suffered from acute liver failure during pregnancy was saved after a 12-hour transplant surgery here. The child was also delivered successfully which is rare, claim doctors.

          The surgery took place at Sir Ganga Ram hospital (SGRH).The patient, Swati Kumari, suffered from acute liver failure in the 38th week of pregnancy due to hepatitis E infection, said the doctors. She was admitted to a hospital in her hometown Patna with severe jaundice and referred …… Continue Reading

          Manipuri gets gift of liver on Diwali

          New Delhi: For R K Shivdas, this Diwali could not have been more special. The 49-year-old Manipur resident, who required an urgent liver transplant, recently got a gift of life at a city private hospital when doctors performed the life-saving procedure on him by overriding the crisis of unavailability of a suitable blood donor.

          Shivdas could find a compatible organ donor in his family but failed to get blood required for transfusion because he had antibodies against multiple blood …… Continue Reading

          Indian doctors and students give Pakistani patient fresh lease of life

          dr-naimish-mehta-liver-transplant-done-54-year-old Zaib-un-Nisa


          Due to the timely contribution from these students, a team of the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here was able to successfully perform a complicated liver transplant involving arterial reconstruction on 54-year-old Zaib-un-Nisa. The life-saving operation was performed on Pakistan Independence Day – August

          “When Indians came to know that we are Pakistanis, they went out of the way to help us”

          AN ID GIFT: Pakistani woman Zaib-un-Nisa (54), with her son and donor Umar Subhanni (left), and doctor Naimish Mehta, …… Continue Reading