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What is Liver Transplant?

Liver transplant is the replacement of the unhealthy liver of a deceased person with that of the healthy liver from the donor or another person. Liver transplantation is done out of acute liver failure or out of major liver disease that requires liver replacement. The process is very complex and requires surgery from the very experienced and skilled surgeon. The surgery is done with the meticulous harvest of the liver from the donor in the body of the …… Continue Reading

25 Year old brain dead man gives fresh lease of life to four persons

A 25-year-old man Rahul (name changed), student of engineering in Delhi, saved four lives in the city by donating his kidneys, liver and heart.


Liver Disease Prevention

People nowadays have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle, which in turn has become the cause of several diseases. Improper eating habits of people generally results into liver disease. Not only this, but there are several other causes of liver disease. The disease may be caused due to any virus attack or due to poor health and nutrition. It can also be inherited.

But the good part is that, by following some simple steps in your daily routine, you can …… Continue Reading

Three-year-old gets new liver and working heart in one surgery

A three-year-old child, Divine, from Kenya recently underwent an open heart surgery and a liver transplant simultaneously at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. “Simultaneous surgery was the only option and we took a chance,” Dr Mehta explained.The 15-hour surgery took place on June 20, which had nearly 40 medical personnel in attendance, doctors at SGRH said. “She was too sick for a surgery so we spent three months treating her to improve the nutritional status. But in this case …… Continue Reading

Type of Liver Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Chronic Hepatitis

Hepatitis is termed as an inflammatory condition of the liver. It is generally caused by a viral infection and excessive alcohol intake, but there are some other possible causes of hepatitis also. It destroys the liver cells in the body.


Causes of hepatitis

A person can fall prey to the disease liver hepatitis if he becomes a victim of one of the viruses that can cause inflammation of the liver. It can also be caused when a person is …… Continue Reading

Liver transplant done by Dr. Naimish Mehta

Liver transplant done by Dr. Naimish Mehta. Below is the image of a liver donor who donated his liver to his mother. Photo is after 6 years of liver donation.

How are candidates for liver transplant determined?

Liver transplant is done on those patients who are healthy enough to survive the operation and can deal with the complications that may arise post-operation. These patients should also be able to take the medicines that prevent rejection and opportunistic infections so that liver transplant becomes easy. Moreover, the patient should not drink alcohol again in his lifetime as this would have adverse effect on his health.

Liver transplantation surgery is very effective procedure that has high successful …… Continue Reading

When is a Liver Transplant Needed?

Liver in human body is a vital organ that performs a number of important functions in the body like it produces glucose and bile required by the body. It is also responsible for the synthesis of some main proteins & enzymes along with the metabolism of drugs & toxins. When your liver is diseased, it is not able to perform its function properly and this affects your whole body. There is no artificial device or alternative for liver …… Continue Reading

Woman gets New Lease of Life with Liver from her Husband and Son

Liver transplant surgery to a 57 years old woman, Ramesh Rani. She was suffering from liver cancer. Her husband and son have donated part of their liver for organ transplant. The surgery was successful and now the patient as well as donors is doing well.


Overview on Liver Failure – Reason, Symptoms and Treatment

Liver is a very important organ of human body that perform significant functions like it is responsible for the production of proteins, blood clotting and metabolism of glucose, sugar & iron. Liver can be affected by many illnesses or injury. In case, the function of liver is affected then a lot of damage is caused to the body. When large part of the liver is damaged beyond repair and it is no more able to perform its regular …… Continue Reading