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Acute hepatic failure is damage of liver function that arises speedily within days or weeks that typically in an individual who has no pre-existing liver syndrome. Acute liver failure is not as much as standard as a continued liver failure, which grows more gradually. Acute liver failure also recognized as a fulminant hepatic failure, and it may cause severe problems, comprising

To measure the level of protein, liver enzymes or bilirubin in the blood liver test is done. A liver function is often given in the following situations: To screen for liver infection such as hepatitis C To monitor side effects of certain medication which affect liver If the patient has liver disease, to observe the disease and how well a treatment is working To

The liver serves a very important role in many body functions.  Functions, like regulating digestion, running your metabolism and getting harmful particles or chemicals out of the body all require the help of liver. When the liver is damaged, it is unable to effectively work and convert the food nutrients the same way as any healthy liver can. This result

What is hepatoblastoma? Hepatoblastoma is a very rare form of cancer that starts in the liver region.  The disease primarily affects children from infancy to age about 3 years. Hepatoblastoma cancer cells can also spread to other areas of the body, but it’s rare. The most common site of metastasis is the lungs. Mostly the tumor being development in the right

Liver is the second largest organ in the human body. It performs several vital body functions of the body. The liver processes everything you eat and drink. It converts food and drinks into the energy and nutrient for body to use. It filters out all the harmful substances from the blood and helps the body fight for infection. Main causes of

Intestinal transplantation has evolved in the past few years from an experimental procedure to what is currently considered the long-term option for patients with intestinal failure. The number of intestinal transplant has increased sharply in few years. Unfortunately mismatch between supply and demand has led to increased waiting time for potential recipients. Short gut syndrome and functional bowel problems are the

Liver failure is a severe deterioration in liver function. Liver failure can result from any type of liver disorder, including viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver damage from alcohol or drugs such as acetaminophen. Liver failure occurs only when a large portion of the liver is damaged. It may develop rapidly over days or weeks (which is called acute) or can

Cirrhosis is a dwindling insurgent disease that results in solidification and scarring of liver follicle. The liver is remodeled unfitted to function properly due to the pinch tissue, which saves the normal passage of blood wrapped up the liver. The loss of liver follicle foil with the organ's ability to process nutrients, coil, and drugs and slows the assembly of

Liver transplant is the replacement of the unhealthy liver of a deceased person with that of the healthy liver from the donor or another person. Liver transplantation is done out of acute liver failure or out of major liver disease that requires liver replacement. The process is very complex and requires surgery from the very experienced and skilled surgeon. The

People nowadays have adopted an unhealthy lifestyle, which in turn has become the cause of several diseases. Improper eating habits of people generally results into liver disease. Not only this, but there are several other causes of liver disease. The disease may be caused due to any virus attack or due to poor health and nutrition. It can also be

The outstanding basic reason that prompts to Liver Transplant (LT) is Cirrhosis; this is a notable concern particularly with grown-ups. Cirrhosis is a condition where the Liver is cracked or scarred inside or externally keeping the organ to play out its capacities. In the event uncured, it can even prompt to liver disappointment. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and expanded liquor

  The liver is an integral part of the digestive system which plays a vital role in the digestion of food mainly in the body of the vertebrates. Besides, helping the body to digest the food, the liver is also the storehouse of various proteins, and minerals required for the body to function smoothly. The liver helps in detoxification and transforms

New Delhi: A 19-year-old woman who suffered from acute liver failure during pregnancy was saved after a 12-hour transplant surgery here. The child was also delivered successfully which is rare, claim doctors. The surgery took place at Sir Ganga Ram hospital (SGRH).The patient, Swati Kumari, suffered from acute liver failure in the 38th week of pregnancy due to hepatitis E infection,

New Delhi: For R K Shivdas, this Diwali could not have been more special. The 49-year-old Manipur resident, who required an urgent liver transplant, recently got a gift of life at a city private hospital when doctors performed the life-saving procedure on him by overriding the crisis of unavailability of a suitable blood donor. Shivdas could find a compatible organ donor

Due to the timely contribution from these students, a team of the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here was able to successfully perform a complicated liver transplant involving arterial reconstruction on 54-year-old Zaib-un-Nisa. The life-saving operation was performed on Pakistan Independence Day – August “When Indians came to know that we are Pakistanis, they went out of the way to help us” AN