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Function of the liver

The primary function of the liver is to regulate the chemical levels present in the blood. They in turn excrete the final product called ‘bile’. This bile is used to carry away the waste product produced by the liver. The blood that leaves the intestines and stomach get passed through the liver. The nutrients and drugs present in this blood are broken down into such forms, which are easier to be used by the rest of the body. All this is done successfully by the liver.

The liver is a very important organ in the human body that is the most complex as well as metabolically active. There are more than 500 vital functions performed by the liver. Here are some major and important vital functions of it.

  • Majorly it provides potential immunity to protect from the infections. That is why, in case the liver is damaged, infections can more likely attack the body.
  • The liver is considered as a factory in which the most important proteins are manufactured in the body. It also manufactures the lipoproteins that are special fat forms and cholesterol though which the entire body fats are carried.
  • The blood of the most drugs, alcohols and chemicals are cleared by the liver.
  • It excretes the bile produced by it, into the intestines. Bile is vital and important for the digesting the fats. Bile serves the waste to be thrown out of the body.
  • It manufactures vital proteins that regulate the clotting of the blood.
  • The glucose, an extra sugar is converted and stored in the form of glycogen or starch. This glycogen or starch helps during the starvation of the body.

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