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Acute Hepatitis

Acute Hepatitis causes the inflammation of the liver. The result will be the damage and destruction of the liver cells. This hepatitis is quite commonly found in the world. In developed countries it is found to be developed in 1 in 4000 people in a year. In developing countries, it is developed in 5 in 4000 people.


Acute Hepatitis is caused from the common causes like

  • Infections caused from the virus (from viral hepatitis A,B,C,D or E)
  • Drug overdose (like Paracetamol and Acetaminophen)
  • Chemical exposure (like some of the wild mushrooms and dry cleaning chemicals)


Usually, Acute Hepatitis starts with symptoms like the flu. The symptoms are found differently for different people. Different symptoms found like nausea, loss of appetite, jaundice, fever, sore muscles, itchy red hives found on the skin, joint pains, tenderness felt in the right upper portion of the abdomen or tummy, vomiting etc. in people. These symptoms might be found similar to the medical problems and conditions. So, it is important to consult a physician for timely diagnosis.


The diagnostic procedures in addition to the medical examination and medical history include the following.

  • Virus detection through specific laboratory tests
  • Tests for the liver function


Once the physical checks the medical condition of the liver, the treatment is determined by him or her. This determination of the treatment is based on the cause of the Acute Hepatitis, the severity at that instant of condition and the underlying health condition of the patient. The physician also considers the previous history related to the liver diseases and liver if any.

Generally, people with Acute Hepatitis get recovered without the need of the treatment. However, in cases of severe conditions, it may need hospitalization of the patient. In some cases the people having Acute Viral Hepatitis could possibly become the chronic carriers of the disease. It happens in the cases of infections of Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

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