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How are candidates for liver transplant determined?

How are candidates for liver transplant determined?

Liver transplant is done on those patients who are healthy enough to survive the operation and can deal with the complications that may arise post-operation. These patients should also be able to take the medicines that prevent rejection and opportunistic infections so that liver transplant becomes easy. Moreover, the patient should not drink alcohol again in his lifetime as this would have adverse effect on his health.

Liver transplantation surgery is very effective procedure that has high successful outcomes. It is important that you get it done only from expert surgeon.

Candidates for liver transplantation undergo thorough medical and psychiatric evaluations. Radiologic testing may include:

  • Chest x-ray to determine the health of the lungs;
  • Ultrasound to examine the liver, abdominal organs, and blood vessels;
  • CT scan of the liver;
  • MRI of the abdominal organs and blood vessels;
  • Endoscopy to assess ulcers or inflammation in the esophagus and stomach;
  • ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography) to view the bile ducts;
  • Liver angiogram;
  • Liver biopsy, or other tests.