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How are Candidates for Liver Transplant Determined

How are Candidates for Liver Transplant Determined

The healthy living of humans depends on the healthy state of all the important organs. The organ systems of our bodies have to be in good- working conditions. In case any of the organs are not working well, it should be transplanted. For example, we can transplant our livers, hearts, and knees. Liver transplants are very common out of them. Don’t know what is a liver transplant? Read the following text for it:

Liver Transplant

Sometimes a liver can get infected to such extent where it cannot be cured with medicines. Then the doctors suggest for replacing the diseased liver. The replacement is done with a healthy liver of a healthy person. Doctors can take a healthy liver from the body of a person who has just died.

Candidates for Liver Transplant Can Be Determined By:

Many liver problems cause the patient to opt for a liver transplant surgery. The possible reasons for a liver transplant include

  • If a patient has Hepatitis C infection in his liver or has damaged his liver with excessive alcohol intake- he requires a liver transplant.
  • If a patient has got cirrhosis of the liver, he is patient for liver transplant.
  • A patient suffering from Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) also requires a liver transplant.
  • The patients suffering from Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) also need liver transplant surgeries.

Generally, liver transplanting surgeons have given a lot of concluding statements. They say that- patients who will die without a liver transplant are good candidates for it.