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Frequently Asked Questions

Question. What is the success ratio of liver transplantation?

Answer. The usual success rate is 92% at our hospital – so far the best results of liver transplants surgery in Delhi, India. Dr Dr Naimish Mehta, senior liver transplant surgeon in Delhi, India at Sir Ganga Ram Hospitals has performed more than 725 liver transplant surgeries\"\"

Question. Is it necessary to evaluate the recipient and donor before liver transplantation?

Answer. Yes, both donor and recipient need to undergo various tests before the transplant.

Question. What facilities are provided during stay in a hospital?

Answer. The transplant operation estimate includes the hospital stay for recipient (up-to 21 days) and donor (up-to 7 days); both the donor & recipient operations; all visits by the transplant team (surgeons and hepatologist), doppler ultrasound for first 5 days for recipient and one day for the donor; medical consumables and medicines used during and after the operation, anaesthetist charges for the operation.

Question. For a foreigner – what is a procedure to come to India for liver transplant & and how much time it will take (process of documentation)?

Answer. Basic reports of the patient need to be e-mailed/faxed, based on which we can issue an invitation letter to facilitate visa for the donor and attendants. Normally up-to two attendants are allowed to come apart from the donor and the recipient.

Question. Procedure of documentation

Answer. There is an Authorization committee which will go through the documentation of the donor’s relationship with the recipient. The liver transplant co-ordinator with help of Addl. Medical Superintendent will help you to collate these papers. The documents will have to brought in original.

Question. Expenses post transplantation.

Answer. Usually after transplant the initial costs will be Indian Rs 18- 20,000/per month (USD 400) approx till 6 months after which it will reduce to Rs. 8-12,000/pm(USD 200-250) approx. At the end of one year it will reduce further to Rs.2-5,000/pm (USD 50-100) approx depending on the medication dosage.

Question. Cost of Living in Delhi?

Answer. The recipient will have to stay in Delhi for approx 6- 8 weeks after the operation, however the donor can go after 3 weeks. The transplant staff will help to look for the accommodation near the hospital. Approximate cost of living will be Rs. 25,000/pm (USD 500) apart from the house rent of anywhere between 20-50,000/pm (USD 500-1000, depending on your liking)

Question. Security conditions in New Delhi?

Answer. New Delhi is as safe as any other city of the developed country in the world.

Question. What types of test are required initially (recipient & donor)?

Answer. Recipient test: LFT (liver function test), RFT (renal function test), INR (international normalised ratio), CBC (complete blood count), CT scan triphasic of liver, HBsAg, Anti HCV, HIV.
Donor test: CBC, LFT, RFT, PT/INR, HBsAg, Anti HCV, HCV RNA, Ultrasound liver for fatty liver.\\\"\"