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Food to Avoid for Health Liver

Food to Avoid for Health Liver

The liver serves a very important role in many body functions.  Functions, like regulating digestion, running your metabolism and getting harmful particles or chemicals out of the body all require the help of liver. When the liver is damaged, it is unable to effectively work and convert the food nutrients the same way as any healthy liver can. This result in further damaging of the organ liver and the damage continues if the proper care is not taken by a person.

Following the nutritional diet and avoiding the food which is harmful to the liver can help in maintaining the health of the liver. To improve the health of the liver and overall quality of life you must avoid some food mentioned below:

1.    Animal-based food:

The injured liver is not capable to process the protein and also cannot process down the amino acid produced in the body which is why one should avoid the animal-based food products. Avoid eating food like red meat, such as beef. Also, eliminate the intake of the eggs and dairy product as they all are rich in protein.  Dairy product chiefly includes milk, cheese, and yogurt. Protein is also one of the very important in overall nutrition, so opt not for bend over meat from poultry, to non-meat protein sources like beans and nuts. You can try soya milk also.

2.    High-sodium food

Salt that is a daily intake contains sodium which cannot be processed completely by the damaged liver. Canned foods like soups, meat, and vegetables are also high in sugar and salt, this causes abdominal swelling and fluid retention. Following sodium controlled diet is very important to prevent further damaging to the liver and also inflammation. You can use garlic, pepper, and spices to flavor your food instead of salt.

3.    Sugary food:

Avoid food having a high content of sugar like candy, ice creams and salty food like potato chips, pickles which have high salt and sodium. You can, however, eat food with natural sugar and fibrous food such as strawberries, oranges, and apples to avoid unhealthy levels of sugar and sodium which is not good for the liver.

4.    Alcohol:

If you keep yourself away from the alcoholic beverages than depending on the severity of damage to your liver you may have a chance for regeneration. Chronic alcoholism can contribute further damage to the liver. The reason behind this is that it restrains proper absorption of nutrients, forcing the liver to become toxic.  Any form of liquor should be avoided.