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Cirrhosis: Incidence, Symptoms, and Treatment


Cirrhosis: Incidence, Symptoms, and Treatment

Cirrhosis is the weakening of the liver due to scar tissue that has grew in the body replacing the normal healthy tissues of the liver. Cirrhosis can develop in humans due to several reasons and for the majority of people who are suffering from this condition more than one cause has contributed to its development.

Generally, the people who are consuming alcohol on regular basis have greater chance of suffering from cirrhosis. Hepatitis C is also a common cause of cirrhosis.  The scar tissue that develops on the liver is irreparable and in the very initial stage, one may not feel any symptoms of cirrhosis. However, as the liver continues to weaken several complications will arise and that will the indication for the person that he is suffering from cirrhosis of liver.

Causes of Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver has many possible causes but one of the most common cause is excess alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption deteriorate the liver creating scar tissue and in several cases it leads to the death of the individual with cirrhosis. Chronic hepatitis C is also a major cause of cirrhosis which is spread if an individual gets into the contact of a human blood that is infected with hepatitis C.

If a person is suffering from Hepatitis, his liver will be inflamed and if it is not treated on time the inflammation damages the liver by developing scar tissue. Some other causes of cirrhosis include hepatitis B and D, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, inherited diseases, drugs, toxins, and many more.

Symptoms and Complications of Cirrhosis

When scar tissue begins to replace the healthy tissue within the liver, this can cause an impairment or loss in liver functioning. During the initial stage of the disorder, an individual may be asymptomatic but as the time passes he begin to experience symptoms like, quick weight loss, nausea, vomiting, tiredness, weakness, loss of appetite, itching, burning, spider-like veins will develop, and the buildup of fluid within the abdomen that will cause swelling and pain in the abdominal region. As cirrhosis will begin to show further progress, several major complications will arise will be known to you after the diagnosis.

Further, when the liver will lose all its functioning a swelling within the body will be noticed. Bloating of the abdomen may also occur – ascites – which may lead to a serious infection known as “bacterial peritonitis”.

Treatment of Cirrhosis

Remember, the disease is not without any treatment but the treatment depends greatly upon how far the disease has developed as well as the complications it has caused to the patient.  If the disease is left untreated for greater time period than the only solution is liver transplant. If you are suffering from cirrhosis, it is very important that you follow all of the recommendations and medications prescribed by your doctor in order to prevent any further damage.